7 Type of Freelancer Jobs

Freelancing is one of the best ways to start working from home quickly. Tired from work? Or do you want to make some extra cash on the side? Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that freelance work is on the rise. In today’s technology-dependent society, there’s never been a better time to start your own business. But what type of freelancer jobs are there?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking of freelancing but don’t know where to start. First of all, what type of freelancer jobs or work are most common, and what skills do you develop?

It helps to know what you want to do or want to learn. As you’ll learn in this article, there are many different type of freelancer jobs in just one particular category.

Some Common Type of Freelancer Jobs

Finding your niche in the freelance job market is very important to spend your time and money and finally find what you want to do. We’ll cover this in more detail in our freelancer guide. But now here are the 7 most common type of freelancer jobs or work (freelancer top jobs).

Type of Freelancer Jobs | Types of Freelance Jobs Online

1). Freelance Writer

As the digital world continues to flourish, the demand for quality writers around the world is increasing. Freelance writing is perfect for those who enjoy writing from the heart in a creative or more formal style. There are several different types of freelance writing jobs that are in demand. These include:

  • Writing articles
  • Copywriting for ads & public relations
  • Blogging
  • Marketing
  • Research work & informational products
  • Ghostwriting for books & ebooks

These are just a few examples, but they are often searched by online businesses and customers. These are all things you can do as a starting point for freelance writing. One of the best things about being a freelance writer is being in control of your time.

Work anytime, anywhere. Getting started as a freelance author is easy. Because in many cases there is no need to procure or buy special software.

All you need is access to a computer or laptop, a reasonably reliable internet connection, and the word processor he already uses to use his software. With these basics, you can get started in no time.

Remember your inexperience? Think again Most freelance writing jobs require very little experience. You don’t need a degree in marketing or English literature to become a freelance writer.

Depending on your niche, you can show your writing skills in your resume (introduction section). It’s also helpful to provide links to articles you’ve written in the past.

If you have no experience writing articles or essays, you can write sample articles for potential employers.It’s really easy and it works.

2). Virtual Assistant

Working as a virtual assistant is very different. In some cases, this may include administrative support, replying to emails, customer support, scheduling meetings for employers, or managing certain types of projects. On the other hand, many virtual assistant jobs tend to overlap with freelance writing.

What sets them apart is that a virtual assistant’s job often includes a wide range of additional duties beyond just writing.

Unlike freelance writers, virtual assistant freelancers can also handle email and chat support, research, communication management, scheduling, and more. It all depends on what kind of task the client needs, but overall the duties and responsibilities of a virtual assistant often align with those of an office assistant in the offline world.

Think of it as someone who works as someone’s personal assistant, except they don’t work in an office or follow their employer or clients around the clock.

And just like freelance writers, working as a virtual assistant is easy if you have the skills, can learn quickly, and have basic tools for working online.

3). Freelance Web Developer or Programmer

This is a more tangible experience that requires expertise, but it’s still a great freelance option. The rapid domination of the world by the Internet has digitized everything, including business.

Even businesses and individuals advertise more online than offline. As the world moves to a larger online presence, the demand for websites, whether collaborative or personal, continues to grow.

It’s great if you are already the web developer or programmer. You already have all the necessary skills and experience to join right away. I encourage you to think about your niche – what is your specialty?

What services do you offer? How do you brand yourself? Defining a “niche” is essential to his success in the world of freelance web developers and programmers.

Little or no web development or programming experience? Don’t rule them out completely! There are many online resources to get you started.

I know a lot of people with zero web development experience who taught themselves HTML, CSS, and WordPress in just a few months.

These basic skills are all you need to step into the world of freelancing. If you have no coding experience or want to brush up on your skills, I recommend his website:

  • Udemy
  • Treehouse
  • Codecademy
  • Lynda

4). Graphic Designer

Graphic design is another type of freelance work that is in high demand. Good graphics His designer criteria are a little more subjective than others, as they require a certain amount of manual dexterity and creativity.

As with any kind of freelance work, becoming a freelance graphic designer requires deciding on one’s area of ​​expertise and niche. Perhaps you just want to focus on creating logos for your business. Maybe your field is typography? Or a T-shirt model?

Maybe it’s more about the audience than the technology. Maybe you’re dedicated to creating content for weddings or an e-commerce store. And the list goes on. New to graphic design? Once you’ve decided on the type and niche of graphic design work you want to focus on.

It’s important to research how other graphic her designers stack up in that market. Do you use online job boards like Freelancer or Elance? What tariffs do they charge? How can I improve my portfolio?

In fact, if you don’t have graphic design experience, don’t expect a job. Again, this type of freelancer jobs is about your portfolio of work, not your degree. There should be something that supports you. Offer to help design a logo for a local business or a friend of the band.

Show off your creative side with some personal projects you’ve done, or provide a prime example of the type of work you can do. Experience doesn’t necessarily mean previous job experience, it’s about showing what you can offer.

5). Bookkeeping

There are also freelance jobs for those interested in traditional accounting jobs. Some business owners don’t want to do their company’s bookkeeping themselves, so they often choose to have someone else do it for them.

If you’re familiar with accounting or bookkeeping, you’re definitely in demand for those skills. If you have not yet learned how to use modern bookkeeping and bookkeeping software, you should do so now as you will need knowledge in this area to find a job online.

It’s not that hard to learn if you already know how to do this kind of work without software. Working with a digital partner is easy as long as you know how accounting and bookkeeping work.

6). Freelance Photography

Freelance photography is one of the most popular type of freelancer jobs. It’s also very interesting that we don’t stop at just taking pictures of specific clients. However, if you want to go the traditional route, you need a good and decent portfolio.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any real photography experience before. This portfolio simply reflects your best work and can be personal. As with all types of freelance work, you need to identify your niche.

A few examples include of freelance photography include:

  • wedding photographer
  • pet photographer
  • wildlife photographer
  • fashion photographer
  • portrait photography
  • music/concert photographer
  • child/family photographer
  • lifestyle photographer
  • stock photo photographer

Lifestyle photographers aside, I find that freelance photography can get pretty specific. It’s much easier to approach potential clients and introduce yourself when you already know what your area of ​​expertise is. Lifestyle photographers are typically jacks of all trades, working primarily with brands. to sell a particular type of “lifestyle”.

If you are interested in a creative field such as photography, there are excellent online learning websites like Skillshare, which specializes in freelance creatives. It’s a great way to see if it’s right for you, improve your skills, and get great advice from successful people!

7). Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO), is the process of optimizing a website so that it ranks as high as possible in search engines for keywords related to that website’s content. Google is by far the most used and important search engine, so it plays a central role in SEO purposes.

The thing about SEO is that you can learn all the theories about it (and believe me, there are many). Unlike all other types of freelance work, this one really requires both expertise and results.

However, one of the misconceptions people have about SEO is that they think they need to know everything about it. that’s not true. The person you are paying for should know more than what you are doing.

There is a lot of information out there on the best SEO techniques and strategies, but that information can vary greatly.

If you plan to become an SEO freelancer, you need to stay up to date with the latest Google updates, algorithms, and SEO techniques and practices. Even the most seasoned SEO expert has to do this.

We recommend purchasing online SEO courses through online learning sites such as Udemy. There are four main areas of SEO that any SEO freelancer should have in her toolbelt:

  • keyword research
  • competitive analysis
  • on-site analysis
  • link building

Just know that you can’t blame it.If you try, failure or missing results will prove otherwise in any case. The best way to gain SEO experience is to start practicing on your own girlfriend’s website. If you have a friend whose website is performing poorly or is not optimized, why not help them improve their SEO for free?

There are so many businesses online today that they can You want your website to rank against you, so you make a decent income from an SEO freelancer.

There Are Many Type of Freelancer Jobs to Choose From

All in all, it’s clear that there are many type of freelancer jobs to choose from. I’ve only listed seven of the most common type of freelancer jobs, but each can be broken down into subcategories and niches as shown.

With everything connected in a digital world, there have never been more opportunities for anyone looking to get started as a freelancer. Once you’ve decided on the type of freelancer jobs or work you do, We highly recommend going a step further and breaking it down into specific specialties.

There are many opportunities out there, but the competition is also fierce. So having a clear idea of ​​what your ideal client/customer is from the start makes this process much easier.

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