Trending Web Development Technologies in 2022

Dark and dim websites have become popular in recent years. Research shows that at least 8 out of 10 users prefer dark mode as much as possible, so there are still websites and apps that will provide a dark mode user interface (UI) in 2022. increase.

Facebook and Twitter have already implemented this feature. These apps provide an easy way to switch between the two modes based on your reader settings and system settings.

This will become the standard after 2022 as more and more web developers offer similar built-in functionality to switch between light and dark modes. This can even become the de facto standard for applications.

Cyber ​​security (the practice of protecting data, networks, and computers from misuse) is one of 2022’s biggest concerns. All businesses, regardless of size, are vulnerable. For example, in June 2021, hackers were able to search for personal information such as names, email addresses, and phone numbers in the accounts of 700 million LinkedIn users.

According to CDN provider Cloudflare, the number of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks almost doubled quarterly in 2020. Hours of downtime, significant revenue losses, and reputational damage are just a few of the effects of DDoS attacks.

With this amazing increase in cybercrime, website development is adapted to facilitate the protection of enterprise and customer data. The transition to application-based multi-factor authentication such as Google Authenticator, patch management, and security operations center (SOC) is already underway.

Beyond monitoring tools and analytic checkpoints, there will continue to be an increasing number of non-traditional ways to improve cybersecurity. Danny Wajcman, co-founder and COO of heat mapping and live chat software company LuckyOrange, points out the importance of human surveillance as well as automation. “We believe that session recording can help detect security issues such as DDoS attacks and extreme bot identification. Traffic … Keep track of daily traffic trends and track visitor paths on a regular basis. This will enhance your ability to discover if something is wrong. ”

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