10 Best Startup Consulting Agencies For 2023

If you’re starting a startup and you’re looking for the best startup consulting Agencies, you are in the right place. We made a list with some of the best of them for 2023.

All type of company runs into problems – problems that need to be solved. However, the solution doesn’t always come easy.

This is mostly true in the case of startups.

Startups, being startups, generally have limited resources and expertise. This is where startup consulting Agencies come in.

Startup consulting Agencies offer guidance and actionable solutions to problems that most startups can’t deal with in-house.

In its article, you’ll find valuable (and free) content dedicated to startups.

But, first, let us know what exactly are startup consulting agencies.

What is the Role of startup consulting agencies?

A Business startup consultant agency is an expert in the field who helps businesses get off the ground. A startup consultant handles several tasks, such as recruitment, operations, marketing, and other technical issues.

To set up a successful business or startup, you must have an effective team and consulting agencies to advise the company on its operational procedures. They provide expert advice in science, finance, law, accounting, human resources, and more.

The list of the best startup consulting agencies for your startup!

Choosing the best startup consulting agencies is vitally crucial, as selecting the right partner to outsource your marketing activities is. Here is the list, you can research and shortlist a few of the best options for your startup.

1. Bain & Company

Bain & Company is a well-knowing consulting agency, founded in 1973. It is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Bain & Company has developed The Bain Innovation Exchange (BIE), a global team of change-makers and thought-leaders with deep experience in the venture capital and start-up worlds.

Through the “Innovation Kickstarter”, The Bain Innovation Exchange (BIE) can help you map your strategy and develop an effective operating model that aligns senior leaders and other key stakeholders and connects your start-up with relevant players in the global startup ecosystem.

2. GrowthRocks

GrowthRocks is a startup consulting agency that helps startups achieve rapid and sustainable growth. It’s headquartered in London and has been providing its services since 2014.

GrowthRocks’ services are efficiently crafted for early-stage start-ups that are searching to boost user acquisition and early traction with growth marketing. GrowthRocks also developed its own SaaS (Software as a service) product.

3. IBM Garage

IBM Garage is IBM’s fast track for startup and business transformation. It’s where transformation and innovation come together. The IBM Garage methodology is the sum of design thinking, industry expertise, and market research, paired with data, cutting-edge tech, and agile development methodologies.

In practice, IBM Garage collaborates with your team to focus on the necessity of a specific customer set. It can create and launch an MVP in eight weeks and build up the solution to scale across the customer base.

Working with IBM Garage means bringing your customer’s pain points into focus, adopting leading technologies, empowering your team to take manageable risks, and measuring the value of everything you do.

4. Accenture Ventures

Accenture Ventures is a unique investment and engagement program for talented entrepreneurs addressing Accenture’s global enterprise clients’ biggest strategic innovation gaps. Its focus is to make bridges between innovative startups and their clients.

With investments in more than 30 startups and 5 partners, it helps young companies realise their full probable and its clients harness the leading innovation being created by startups globally.

Recently, Accenture Ventures launched Project Spotlight. Project Spotlight offers startups the eventuality to work with Accenture talent, giving them entry to the tools to help them tailor their solutions to the market, scale, and innovate more quickly.

5. Delloite Catalyst

With a presence in the United States, Israel, and expanding geographies, Deloitte Catalyst is created for those who are searching for a growth partner with access to scale opportunities.

It helps startups innovate, scale, and provide more value – quickly. Its end-to-end solutions are designed to inspire, inform, and incubate your next innovation.

For startups and accelerators, Deloitte Catalyst endows services across the entrepreneurial lifecycle, speeding up smart business growth. And also it can bring together the right players to co-develop and deliver new solutions.

6. Business Consulting Agency  

Business Consulting Agency (BCA) hails from Portland, Oregon, and specializes in small business consulting, start-up, marketing, and technology consulting service

Rather than long-term contracts, Business Consulting Agency’s clients pre-purchase consulting hours & work with the agency’s consultants as needed on specific projects and tasks.

BCA is a full-service consulting agency, endowing a comprehensive set of services for startup companies, from A to Z.

Accordingly, you’ll get assistance with consulting advice for legal business formation, strategy and planning, business structure development, and vendor selection.

7. Nielsen Innovate

Nielsen Innovate is an early stage incubator & investment fund from Israel. It specializes in retail, marketing, research, and media technologies. Its ultimate goal is to help early-stage start-ups get established in the market and become successful companies.

The way it’ll achieve this is through working closely with the start-up, nurturing founders from idea to commercialization, and providing strategic advice.

Nielsen Innovative is part of Nielsen, which gives an edge to the startup consulting agency in certain areas. For instance, Nielsen has acute consumer insights into what consumers watch and buy across more than 100 countries.

Plus, Nielsen has the ability to deliver access to both developed and emerging markets, including countries like South America, Africa, China, and the Middle East.

8. Solutionery

Solutionery is the leading tech-startup consultancy headquartered in Finland. Its mission is the successful commercialization of an idea which will try to make sure through building a strong foundation and endow startups with thoroughly researched concise consultancy and guidance.

Also, it offers innovation at scale with the bare minimum cost, as Solutionary knows that cost is a big factor for startups.

What makes Solutionery stand out is its expertise in cutting-edge technology. The startup consulting agency operates on various fronts but its expertise shines in IoT, AI, and Data Analysis.

Some other of its services such as Technology Review, Project Management, Prototype Development, and Sub Contracting.

9. GrowthGirls 

GrowthGirls has a strong feminine side, it was founded by a woman the last startup consulting agency on our list offers its services mostly to women entrepreneurs and brands with a female audience.

As well, companies run by women CEOs or brands with female audiences are a great fit for the firm. GrowthGirls specializes in SaaS businesses and eCommerce. It has worked with brands like Sundance Film Festival, Oh app, and Lana Bank.

10. ScienceSoft 

ScienceSoft is a provider of IT consulting and software development services, established in 1989S in Dallas, Texas. It offers professional experience in a broad range of technologies, software kinds, and industry verticals.

Since 2016, ScienceSoft endows software startup consulting services with competent and proactive consulting. These services help business founders plan, design software products, and establish a cost-efficient software development process. Startups that work with ScienceSoft are searching to be advised on developing, and launching new software products successfully.


If you’re not new to the startup world, you maybe already know this cold truth: 9 out of 10 startups fail. You can find the best startup consulting agencies by looking at the different services they specialize in.

Indeed, we have mentioned the 10 best business consulting firms for startups. Once you’ve settled on your best startup business consultant, do research to get the right person for the job.

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