The Best Book on Estate Planning

Have you read tons of books on retirement planning? Want to dig deep into estate planning, wills and trusts? It provides the best book on estate planning for you. And why it’s so crucial to save your family from any confusion, heartache, or grief caused through an unfinished estate.

A valid will is not just a necessity for older Americans. Parents with young children need to have one as well. After all, a will and last testament may help ensure that not only are your children properly cared for in the event of your death but also that their financial future is secure. Though not everyone is in the best financial situation for retirement planning, here is the best book on estate planning (books on end-of-life planning)
for those who are.

The Best Book on Estate Planning, Wills, and Trusts

60% of Americans Don’t have a will. No one really wants to plan the end of their life, but it’s one of the best things he can do for the future of your property. Choose the best book on estate planning from the list below to get a jumpstart on your own estate and end-of-life planning.

1. Estate Planning & Probate Law – John P. Thomas

This book provides a comprehensive overview of estate planning, including wills, trusts, probate law, and tax issues. It covers topics such as how to avoid probate, how to draft a will, what types of trusts exist, how to protect assets from creditors, and much more.

2. Wills, Estates, and Succession Planning – Robert L. Nelson

This book focuses on the legal aspects of estate planning, including drafting a will, avoiding probate, and protecting assets from creditors. It also includes information about trust law, succession planning, and asset protection.

3. Trusts and Estates – Richard J. Foster

This is the best book on trusts and estates. This book discusses the history of trusts, their purpose, and how they work. It also explains the different types of trusts, including revocable and irrevocable trusts, and how to use them properly.

4. Probate Law – John A. Scott

This book explores the role of probate law, including the difference between probating a will versus administering an estate, and how to prepare a will. It also looks at the various types of estates, including joint tenancy, tenancy in common, and tenancy by the entirety.

5. Taxes and Estate Planning – James E. Cavanaugh Jr.

This book examines the relationship between taxes and estate planning, including how to minimize estate taxes, how to structure an estate plan to reduce federal estate taxes, and how to maximize state inheritance tax credits. It also looks at how to set up a charitable gift annuity program to help pay off estate taxes.

6. Estate Planning for Small Business Owners – David M. Miller

This book provides advice for small business owners who want to create an estate plan. It covers topics such a setting up a corporation, establishing a revocable living trust, and using a power of attorney.

7. A Guide to Estate Planning – William H. Kipfner

This book offers practical tips for people who need to establish an estate plan. It discusses topics such as how to write a will, how to avoid probate court, and how to avoid paying unnecessary fees.


Estate and end-of-life planning are very important. There is the best book on estate planning that has to help you to understand the importance of a will. If you have not prepared your will, it is highly likely that you will need to make changes to it in the future.

In fact, if you are the one who prepares your own will, you get full control over what happens with your assets. And how they are distributed among family members after your death.

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