5 Disadvantages of Social Communication Model

The social communication model is popular approach to building relationships. But according to experts, it’s not the best way (disadvantages of Social Communication Model) to build a relationship with someone.

The natural approach is a more effective way of building relationships. Also, the natural approach doesn’t rely on what others are doing and instead focuses on what you can do for others.

The natural approach is also better for your mental health because it helps you avoid self-sabotage and gives you clarity on your goals and how to achieve them.

What is the Social Communication Model?

The Social Communication Model is a theory that explains how people communicate and build relationships with each other. It is a model that can be applied to any type of relationship, including business relationships, friendships, family relationships, and romantic relationships.

The social communication model was developed by Albert Mehrabian in the 1960s. He studied how people communicated through various nonverbal behaviors such as tone of voice and body language. He found out that it takes seven different nonverbal behaviors to accurately convey a message.

These include:

  1. Facial expression
  2. Vocal tone
  3. Gestures
  4. Posture
  5. Distance between people
  6. Space occupied by the people involved in conversation
  7. Eye contact

Mehrabian also found out that these seven different behaviors could be broken down into three categories:

How the Social Communication Model Errs on the Side of Extraneous Emotionality

The social communication model recommends that we be emotionally transparent in order to maintain healthy relationships. However, this model is not always helpful. In fact, it can lead to anxiety and other negative emotions when people are too open about their feelings.

In the study, participants were asked to write a letter of complaint to a company that had failed them in some way. They were asked to be as emotional as they wanted about what had happened and how it made them feel. The results showed that the more emotional participants got, the less likely they were to get a response from the company.

The social communication model is based on the idea of emotional transparency in relationships and assumes that it leads to positive outcomes for both parties involved. However, when people are too emotionally transparent with their partners, it can lead to anxiety

What are Some Alignments Non-Communication Models Offer?

There are a variety of non-communication models that are used to support communication. These models include visual, auditory and kinesthetic. They can be best used in the following situations:

  • The person you want to communicate with is not available
  • When you want to communicate with people who do not speak the same language as you
  • People have different preferences or are too young or old for verbal communication
  • When people have cognitive disabilities

What are Some Personality Types Optimized for Non-Communication Models? 

This is a question that has been in the minds of many people as they try to figure out what personality types are most suited for non-communication models.

Some people might think that introverts are the best candidates for these models, but there are actually plenty of extroverted personality types who excel at these tasks.

Disadvantages of Social Communication Model

Here are 5 Disadvantages of Social Communication Model:

1. Social Communication Model is not a good way to communicate with people.

Social Communication Model (SCM), also known as the Social Exchange Theory, is a theory developed by psychologist Robert Cialdini. According to SCM, we tend to do things for others because we want them to think well of us. We also tend to avoid doing things for others if they might make us look bad. In addition, SCM states that we tend to give gifts to people who have given us something in return.

2. SCM does not work well in business.

In business, we need to build relationships with our customers and clients. If we use SCM to talk to them, we may end up losing their trust.

3. SCM does not help us understand human nature.

According to SCM, we should only care about what others think of us. However, this is not true. People often do things for selfish reasons.

4. SCM does not explain how to get along with people.

People are different. Sometimes, we cannot understand each other’s point of view. To solve these problems, we need to find out where we agree and disagree.

5. SCM does not teach us how to deal with conflict.

Conflict is inevitable in any relationship. When conflicts happen, we need to learn how to resolve them.

The Benefits of a Natural Approach to Relationship Building 

The natural approach to relationship building is a process of getting to know each other through activities that are fun, engaging, and authentic.

The benefits of the natural approach are that it promotes healthier relationships and it helps people get to know each other better. It also helps people have more fulfilling relationships because they have less anxiety about what the other person is thinking or feeling.


In the future, we will be able to interact with the people around us in a more natural way. We will be able to have real conversations, not just a string of texts and posts.

The social media platforms that we are currently using will eventually become obsolete as they are not designed to encourage natural interactions.

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