What is a short-term goal? Your guide to setting perfect goals

What is a short-term goal

Any self-help expert will tell you that it’s crucial to set targets. Goals give direction in life. Achieving goals is one of the best ways to stay motivated. The most essential life planning tools are your long-term, medium-term, and short-term goals. We’ll focus on just one here: short-term goals. So what is a short-term goal? … Read more

Strangest Secrets of Success For Creating The Life

Strangest Secrets of Success

After more than a decade of searching for success, hours of research into the secrets of success, and investing heavily in exorbitantly expensive one-on-one coaching, I finally found a special I came across a book. I was later This book contained contains true wisdom on what it means to be successful and how we can … Read more

The Best Book on Estate Planning

The Best Book on Estate Planning

Have you read tons of books on retirement planning? Want to dig deep into estate planning, wills and trusts? It provides the best book on estate planning for you. And why it’s so crucial to save your family from any confusion, heartache, or grief caused through an unfinished estate. A valid will is not just … Read more

5 Awesome Books About Living in The Moment

Books About Living in The Moment

Many people today are taking the time to read and learn about mindfulness. Also, books about living in the moment are a very popular topic that has been around for centuries. Moreover, people have been trying to figure out how to live in the moment and get rid of all the distractions that come with … Read more

Mark Cubans Rules for Success in Your Business

Mark Cubans Rules for Success

Mark Cuban is a businessman born on 31 July 1959, in Pittsburgh, USA. He is an investor and owner of the NBA Basketball team Dallas Mavericks, and Landmarks He also owns his chain of cinemas and Magnolia film distribution company Pictures. He is an expert in sports and business in general and is considered (Mark … Read more

Positive Thinking is Basically Wishful Thinking

Positive Thinking is Basically Wishful Thinking

Do you ever think that positive thinking is basically wishful thinking? Maybe you’ve been trying to have that kind of positive thinking, but it doesn’t appear to make much of a difference in your life. You may not be aware of the impact of positive thinking and how small changes in your thinking habits can … Read more

The Powerful Mantra To Become Billionaire

Powerful Mantra To Become Billionaire

It feels great to hear the powerful mantra to become billionaire. Is there really any mantra that can make you a billionaire?   There are two types of people who want to become millionaires. Some people hope that one day if they are lucky, they will become millionaires. Then there are people who want to … Read more

13 Ways To Make Money While You Sleep

Make Money While You Sleep

If you have ever asked yourself can I make money while I sleep? then the answer is yes! you can make money while you sleep. In today’s society, many people spend their time doing things they hate just to get by since they’re not sure what else to do with their lives. The truth however … Read more

10 Life-Changing Motivational Mantras

Motivational Mantras

Motivational Mantras: Successful people tend to have very positive internal dialogue. They know how to promote their growth. They believe they can do whatever they come up with. But first of all, they believe in themselves. The difference between those who achieve their goals and those who fail them usually shows that they are not … Read more

The Self Confidence Formula

Self Confidence Formula

Self Confidence is the key to life. Self confidence formula has the ability to level your life. If you don’t have it, your chances of finding serious success in any desire are going to be limited. We are not saying that you can’t succeed without self-confidence. But, we are saying it will be difficult to … Read more