21 Best Graphic Design Software for Designers in 2023

Whether you are a nonprofessional graphic designer or an experienced digital artist, using the right tools or software can multiply your talent exponentially. A well-built and best graphic design software endows intuitive controls and flexibility that a beginner can easily understand but also has vastly better tools for an experienced user.

The best way to understand which software would suit you best is to get hands-on with the tool and use them.

Every software is characterized by its features, ease of use, cost, performance, and availability. Several paid graphic design software provides a free trial for users to give them a better understanding of the product.

In this blog post, we’ve explored the best graphic design software free and paid for creatives ideal for creating great digital art.

Best Graphic Design Software for Creative Ideal

Get ripe to express yourself in extraordinary new ways and create unique digital art with ease and efficiency!

Here’s the list of top graphic design software that you can try for your work

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Sketch
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Lunacy
  • Mega Creator
  • Affinity Designer
  • Adobe InDesign
  • CorelDRAW Graphics
  • Designer
  • GIMP
  • Gravit Designer

The Best Graphic Design Software

Adobe Photoshop

Perhaps the most popular graphic design software, Adobe Photoshop graphic designis used by millions of artists around the world. Whether you want to create a banner, poster, website, or logo, this top graphic design software does it all.

From small edits to sophisticated designs, Adobe Photoshop has tools for every skill level. If you are using an illustration design, you can also draw or paint whatever you like.

In addition to editing images, you can use this software to create naturalistic artwork and compositions. You can define the canvas size, separate elements from the background, create custom brushes, work in 3D, and more.

Platform: Mac and Windows


Sketch is a Mac-only graphic design program focused primarily on digital design. These digital designs are used to create websites, apps, and interfaces. Unlike Photoshop, Sketch is not designed for photo editing or print work.

Sketch allows you to collaborate and prototype with other designers on the platform itself. The program has a smart layout feature that automatically resizes components based on their content.

The software has hundreds of plugins for pixel-perfect vector editing and other design tasks. Digital symbols are another feature that can be created with this software. Sketch, on the other hand, is not suitable for print design or illustration. Here is an article about the best Photoshop alternatives for you to experience.

Platform: Mac

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is design software with a focus on vector design. Illustrator is available in subscriptions that are part of Adobe Creative Cloud. You can create graphics, icons, posters, and more, and designs created with Adobe Illustrator can be used on business cards, billboards, smartphones, and up to 8k screens.

This software allows you to draw, mix and refine your designs to create something amazing. Adobe has developed a mobile version of one of the best graphic design apps called Adobe Illustrator Draw.

For drawing, you can use the shape tool to create vector shapes. Geometric shapes can be added to other outlines, moved, reshaped, and scaled. Even software fonts can be manipulated as desired by adjusting the weight, slant, or width.

Adobe provides professionally designed templates for beginners to save your time. The program’s interface is convenient, but mastering Illustrator requires a steep learning curve.

Platform: Mac and Windows


Lunacy is free, lightning-fast graphics software for UI, UX, and web design. It has all the features you would expect from other similar apps and even exceeds them. It saves you a lot of time you would normally spend searching for graphics.

Thousands of icons, illustrations and photos are available in the app. Additionally, Lunacy comes equipped with useful AI-powered tools for automating routine tasks.
is a background remover, image upscaler, avatar, and text generator.

Unlike Figma, Lunacy is not an internet addict and most features work offline. If you want to collaborate with other designers online, you can do that too. Unlike Sketch, which only runs on macOS, Lunacy handles .sketch files natively on all base platforms. The app’s user interface is available in 21 languages.

Platform: Mac, Windows, and Linux

Mega Creator

Mega Creator is an online DIY graphics editor for creating memorable graphics from pre-made elements. This is a great tool for web and mobile app designers, social media marketers, bloggers, copywriters, teachers, students, and anyone who needs professional-looking images in a short amount of time.

Customize thousands of flat and 3D illustrations to create your illustrations. Or you can create your own by mixing backgrounds and cropping photos of people, animals, things, and even his AI-generated faces.

You can also combine illustrations and images to create beautiful collages. If you need a little inspiration, start with a simple template and edit it beyond recognition. Of course, you can upload your graphics and combine them with elements from Mega Creator’s gallery. No special skills are required.

Platform: Web Browser

Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is a cheap alternative to Illustrator, especially suitable for those in the early stages of their design career. The software is known to run smoothly, improving your workflow and unleashing your creativity. You can pan and zoom your artwork at his 60fps. See how gradients, effects, and adjustments change live as you transform and edit curves.

Affinity Designer lets you work in both vector and raster workspaces and easily switch between them. This software works on any device and allows you to create unlimited artboards. Affinity Designer offers a graphic design app for iPad with the same features as the desktop version.

Offers advanced color control, allowing you to work in RGB or LAB color spaces with up to 32 bits per channel. The program offers a wide range of tools that enable high levels of accuracy and productivity. Grids and guides are fully customizable, allowing you to change spacing, divisions, grooves, angles, etc.

Another powerful feature of Affinity Designer is that you can zoom your artwork over 1 million percent and still get floating-point precision It is possible.

Platform: iPad, Windows, and Mac

Adobe InDesign

Another Adobe software that you can use to create your designs is Adobe InDesign. This graphic design software is mainly used in the publishing industry as it can be used to design magazines, flyers, books, posters, interactive PDFs, brochures, and more.

InDesign offers a Customize Layout option that allows you to change the text in your document and adjust the graphics accordingly.

The Properties window has been redesigned to provide more intuitive control over the tools. Sensei technology integrated into InDesign handles automatic positioning and resizing of images.

With a short learning curve, beginners can quickly master this graphic design software. To collaborate on designs with other members of your team, you can use Adobe InCopy. Creative Cloud Libraries help you share text, colors, and graphics with others.

Platform: Mac and Windows

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019

CorelDRAW was previously developed only for the Windows operating system. Now also available for Mac. Create professional vector graphics with this graphic design program. We have powerful design tools to help you work faster and smarter. We offer a variety of customization options, including logos, web design, and print projects.

CorelDRAW offers LiveSketch, which uses AI technology to convert your sketches into precise vector curves. This suite includes graphic design and layout tools. It features Photo-Paint and Corel Font Manager for photo editing and font management.

This software has web graphics tools and presets for developing creative web content. For that, you can publish directly on your WordPress site. File compatibility is also impressive. This program supports over 100 file formats.

Platform: Mac and Windows

Xara Designer Pro X

Xara Designer was developed for both bitmaps and vectors. This program brings desktop publishing, graphic design, illustration, and photo editing together in one place. Graphic design software comes with hundreds of template layouts, design elements, and over 1 million stock photos to get you started.

When drawing shapes, lines, or curves using vectors, upscaling does not degrade quality. You can create custom design elements and use them in any design. Gradients, outlines, transparency and other tools in the software add a special touch to your artwork.

Platform: Windows


GIMP is a free graphic design software that works on several platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. It is an open-source program, and you can modify the source code and distribute the program.

There are many third-party customization programs and plugins you can use with GIMP to enhance your productivity and create better themes.

GIMP can also be used to retouch images and create creative compositions. In addition to printed materials such as icons and logos, we can also design interface parts and mockups.

Platform: Windows, Linux, and Mac

Gravit Designer

This is another free graphic design software that you can use to create vector-based designs. The program allows you to create logos, edit photos, and create animations and illustrations.

Gravit free plan does not have an offline version. The software is fully customizable to suit your needs. The Gravit Pro version is paid and has advanced features such as advanced export options, an offline version, and more color spaces.

Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS


Visme is an online design tool that goes beyond basic design functionality without the need to learn complex software. It features a simple drag-and-drop editor that both businesses and individuals can use to create engaging and interactive visual content.

From presentations and infographics to press releases, reports, and social media images, there are hundreds of templates to choose from in over 40 categories.

A free Visme account allows you to use some of these templates, but gives you complete access to millions of stock photos, videos, icons, animated graphics, fonts, and diagrams, making these templates your freedom.

To access premium templates and features like Brand Kit, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid account. Visme offers multiple download formats, from images to the offline web. You can also publish your project online and share it with a live URL.

What makes Visme unique is the ability to bring your content to life with advanced animation and interactivity. For example, you can create custom animated characters, add links, hover effects and popups to your designs.

Platform: Web Browser


Genially is an accessible all-in-one best tool for creating interactive animated designs. Choose from a lot of templates or start from scratch to create posters, social media content, infographics, client meetings, interactive images, website sliders, and more. Best of all, Genially doesn’t limit the number of creations you can create as a free user.

There are a lot of visuals to select from within Genially’s interface from vectors and image libraries (Giphy, Unsplash, and Pixabay are integrated within the editor) to maps and charts. You can also make elements interactive and add animation effects in seconds.

Lastly, Genially lets you add buttons to your creations to transform your designs into microsites, product catalogs, and other interactive spaces. Also, It gives you the choice to insert media like videos and social media posts into your work.

Platform: Mac and Windows


To create vector graphics, you can use the free graphics software Vectr. These created vectors do not lose quality when scaled. Vectr does not use pixels to create designs. Use formulas.

This free graphic design software is available both online and on your desktop. Vectr provides an easy-to-use platform for creating any kind of 2D graphics. This can be business cards, logos, posters, brochures, etc.

Vectr provides detailed instructions on how to use the program. This will allow you to learn everything and let your imagination run free.

Platform: Web Browser, Linux, Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS


Color cinch is a fan favorite! This is an easy-to-use free online photo editor with many features. You can edit your photos quickly and easily using a variety of editing tools to adjust exposure, contrast, color, etc., and crop and rotate images, but Colorcinch goes far beyond simple image editing.

Can also be used to create all kinds of graphic design projects. Use special effects like cartoons to turn any photo into a variety of cartoon-style cartoons. We have the most extensive library of filters, effects, overlays, masks, graphics, and symbols available on the web.

All this is packed into one of the sleekest and most efficient user interfaces of any online photo editor. Getting started with Colorcinch is very easy. No need to register on the site, just upload your image and start editing. Various export options are available when it comes to exporting the finished image.

Platform: Web Browser


VistaCreate is an online graphic design tool for those who want original and compelling visual content. Create customizable social media, web, print and advertising content to meet your personal and professional needs.

Our intuitive online editor not only offers you a huge library of trendy templates, but also lets you download content and create your own designs from scratch.

Just sign up for free, choose a template and customize it to your liking. There are many tools such as adding text and objects, removing image backgrounds, changing colors and fonts, resizing images, uploading illustrations, and more.

VistaCreate offers nearly 10,000 animated objects that follow the latest design trends to help you create high-quality visual elements. Most of the instruments here are free. For unlimited downloads and some additional features, you can upgrade to the Pro plan with a token payment.

Platform: Web Browser


If you’re new to design and looking for something super simple, Canva is for you. Create designs easily and quickly with this free online graphic design software.

There are many templates and typefaces, many of which are free to use. Canva is based on the concept of drag and drop, simply select elements, drag them into your workspace, and adjust them. This program does not offer advanced features like Photoshop.

However, it solves the design needs of novices who don’t want to go into the process of learning and buying premium software. Canva is available as a graphic design app for Apple and Android devices.

Canva’s basic features are free. However, if you use more features, you will be charged.

Platform: Android, iOS, and Web Browser


Design Wizard is an online graphic design software that starts with free pricing and increases as features grow. This graphic design software provides users with over 1 million curated images and 15000+ templates.

PixTeller is an easy-to-use editing tool for creating graphics (downloadable in JPG, PNG, and PDF formats) and animations (in GIF format, downloadable in MP4).

Anyone can create personal or business images, videos, and animated GIFs without technical or design skills. Creating graphics is a time-consuming process, but this design tool allows anyone to create personalized graphics from scratch or customize ready-made templates in minutes.

Platform: Web Browser

Design Wizard 

Design Wizard is an online graphic design software that starts with free pricing and increases as features grow. This graphic design software provides users with over 1 million curated images and 15000+ templates. Another interesting feature of Design Wizard is its integration with Marketo, Buffer, and Hubspot.

Platform: Web Browser

Infinite Design

This graphic design app is developed only for Android devices that can be used to create vector graphics. With this app, you can create complex and eye-catching designs effortlessly.

As the name suggests, this app offers an infinite canvas that you can zoom, pan, or rotate. There are four types of symmetry to experiment with and you can work with unlimited layers.

This app provides advanced features also such as translate, flip, distort, scale, etc. Images created in graphic design apps can be converted into fully editable vector paths. Advanced features of this app can only be accessed by purchase.

Platform: Android


Inkscape, like several other platforms, offers multiple uses. Can be used by designers, web designers, or illustrators. The software has flexible drawing tools, making it easy for beginners to understand the software and create art with ease.

Text is an integral part of graphic design, so Inkscape offers powerful text tools. This software is open-source and can be used on any platform. Designers should spend some time understanding how to use this software.

This software is great for creating vector-based images and should be in SVG format. Inkscape offers many filters and a helpful community for designers to grow.

Platform: Linux, Mac and Windows

Adobe Comp

Adobe Comp is a graphic design app developed for use with other Adobe software such as Photoshop, Illustrator. You can create designs using text and shapes. Adobe provides free fonts from the same Typekit library as desktop. With Comp, you can turn your drafts into crisp graphics and finish them on your desktop with other Adobe software.

Platform: Android and IOS


Graphic design software in the early days was difficult to use. Technology has come a long way, and software is now simple and helps a user manifest creativity more independently.

Choosing the right platform would relate to on your work and what you want to achieve with the software.

Businesses are always on the lookout for better graphic designers to increase their business. Moreover, as a graphic designer, you necessity to present your work in a stunning way through a website.

Your design portfolio is the prism by which your work is evaluated by new clients and potential employers. A good design portfolio can set you up for success, open up new possibilities and get you exactly the job you want.

However, not getting the most out of your design portfolio can lead to rejection and failure. Creating a design portfolio in itself can be the most important design exercise of your career, as it can have a huge impact on your career.

As online design portfolio websites have become the standard medium for presenting your work to the world, it is important to ensure that you understand the ins and outs of a successful design portfolio website.

However, following the instructions is not enough. You also need to think outside the box, find your own expression, and figure out how best to present your work. A little inspiration is good.

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