Benefits To Working With Symmetry Financial Group

Have you ever considered starting a career in the insurance industry? Becoming an insurance professional is a great opportunity to experience first-hand the satisfaction of helping people protect themselves and their loved ones from unforeseen risks. It’s one of the most rewarding professions. In this article, we will talk about the benefits to working with symmetry financial group.

As a life insurance agent, you can enjoy financial security, job security the opportunity to own your own business, room for growth, and various employment opportunities.

With salary levels and the ability to set your own schedule and work from home, working as an insurance agent offers a great work-life balance.

What are the benefits to working with symmetry financial group?

Here are some benefits to working with symmetry financial group. Also if you think of working with an insurance company so it’s good for you. It’s a great opportunity to succeed in life.

The benefits to working with symmetry financial group:

Independent agents vs. captive agents

At Symmetry, all agents are independent contractors and work with insurers to provide clients with fully bespoke life insurance solutions customized to their specific needs. Also, captive agents work directly with the insurance company and are subject to the parent company’s policies.

Find your work-life balance

As an independent insurance agent, you have full control over your schedule. Choosing when to make appointments with current and potential clients gives you the freedom to make time to be with your family and achieve the work-life balance you strive for.

Additionally, the agent can work 100% remotely from the comfort of her own home. One of the most significant benefits of having a home office is that you can spend more time with your loved ones, and your kids, or focus on your hobbies and interests outside of work.

Achieve financial success

It also has an amazing potential to earn an above-average income. The top 10% of U.S. insurance agents, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, earn more than $125,000 a year, according to the United States. Most entry-level professionals won’t be able to achieve this in the early stages, but the insurance industry is a great opportunity because there is no cap on potential earnings. Symmetry gives you the tools to define your own success.

Limitless options for growth

If you’re interested in owning your own business, you’ll be delighted to know that Symmetry offers the only real agency ownership opportunity in the industry! has created a system that allows you to build your own business in a proven way. you have full ownership. That means you have complete control over your business and can build your legacy.

Own your career by Choosing Your Path

Our agents can routinely experience symmetry differences. As the only Independent Insurance Marketing Organization (IMO) in the country, we are able to offer our agents exclusive opportunities. Symmetry’s “Choose Your Path” model is designed to help agents reach their career goals. Whether you’re building your own agency, want to focus on becoming a career producer, or your experience is more suited to the wholesale model, Symmetry can provide a path to achieving the results you want.

Protect the Protector

As an independent insurance agent, you are typically responsible for finding and purchasing your own health insurance, but Symmetry is proud to offer exclusive health insurance policies to all agents through the My Health Policy program. increase. This program provides daily coverage and/or accident coverage at half the market premium. Additionally, you are eligible to apply for life insurance through the My Life Policy program, with Symmetry covering the first year of your premium.

FastTrack new agent bonuses

A top-notch bonus program just got better! Symmetry FastTrack Bonus + (Plus) Carrier Kickers program rewards new writing agents like never before. New Agents have a chance to add a $12,500 bonus to their earnings in their first 120 days and earn an invitation to an exclusive Symmetry Trip! When you join us and help families get the protection they need, we hope to reward your efforts.

A rewarding profession

An agent’s main goal is to help clients navigate all the nuances of life insurance and guide them through the process of purchasing insurance that meets their needs. While it is possible for customers to apply for life insurance all by themselves, choosing the best and cheapest policy can be difficult.

If they are not familiar with all the products and options available. Are well-trained on all insurance products available on the market and can help customers find the cheapest insurance.

Insurance agents not only help customers shop and apply for insurance coverage. But also helping customers find ways to reduce their premiums or find additional benefits to their policies can help.

If a customer is improving their health and lifestyle, agents can help them access the right perks offered by specific healthy living carriers, including discounts and savings programs at affiliated stores and brands.


At Symmetry Financial Group, they maintain a people-first ethos that begins and ends with agents. If you’re considering becoming a Symmetry agent. You’re already on your way to a successful and fulfilling career. Their unparalleled benefits and connections within the insurance industry ensure their agents have the resources they need to excel both on and off the job.

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