5 Non Technical Jobs in Tech

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to work in the tech industry. Tech companies need to fill all kinds of positions in tech, including traditionally non technical jobs in tech. And, because the tech industry is paying higher than many other industries, a job in tech may be worth looking into.

As tech companies grow and mature, Glassdoor says, “they’re starting to need a diversity of more traditional non-technical roles to help them turn their technology into revenue.” Roles in sales and marketing.

For instance, it can scale companies in all industries and create opportunities to work in a variety of positions at these prestigious technology companies.

In this blog, we’re sharing 5 non technical jobs in tech for 2023. These jobs don’t require coding skills, so if you wanted to work in tech, but have no technical background, this blog is perfect for you!

Why Should You Work in Tech?

Well, you really could spend all day talking about why tech is the best industry to work in. For now, we have rounded up our top three reasons:

1. Have access to unlimited jobs

Technology jobs are forecast to grow fastest and are in demand due to the UK’s digital skills gap. According to this report, more than five million tech jobs are expected to be included globally by 2027.

2. Get paid an above-average salary

If you are aiming to increase your savings or jet set around the world — a job in tech could make both these things happen, faster. The tech industry pays very higher compared to other industries. Glassdoor found that on an average tech jobs paid £20,000 more than non-tech jobs.

3. Have fun building the future

Who would not be part of an industry that is building our future? It is like an interesting time to work in the industry with new emerging technology to be worked on, other industries to be disrupted, and underserved audiences to cater to.

Non Technical Jobs in Tech

Here are non technical jobs in tech which do not require coding skills. You will be surprised by the number of jobs in tech that don’t require coding skills so that even if you’ve been working in a totally different industry, you can move into tech without coding skills.

If you’ve been curious to learn what jobs are available in tech, and what tech careers look like for non technical jobs, here’re five non technical roles to consider: read this blog!

Community Manager

According to Corinne McGinley, community managers come from a variety of backgrounds, from recruiting to journalism to engineering. Because success in this role depends more on a set of skills than a degree.

This role may include “moderating, engaging, and helping users on forums such as Discourse, GitHub, and Reddit,” organizing conferences and events, creating community programs, and identifying contributors. , says Blais. “This is the person who ensures everything runs smoothly and helps the community and all of its members grow”. Every thriving community needs one of him,” says Jason Blais.

Graphic Designer 

There are numerous creative roles within tech, including graphic or visual design, in which
designers combine “their artistic perspective with tech to evolve concepts for everything ranging from logos and product designs to brochures, advertisements, and even websites,” according to SkillCrush.

UI design (or User interface design), for instance, involves creating interfaces for mobile apps or websites, focusing on aesthetics. Such design roles in tech are oft filled on a freelance basis.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers evolve and manage marketing campaigns to build awareness and generate demand for services and products. Its roles are oft quite flexible in tech, according to GirlsinTech, and a combination of skills is needed.

Responsibilities may include the development of marketing materials, budgeting, newsletter & communications management, and public relations (PR).

Social Media Specialist

A social media specialist creates content for social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to engage audiences, promote products and services, and drive traffic to a website.

According to Degrees and Careers, this marketing role involves monitoring and measuring all social media endeavors, also creating and maintaining brand promotions and social media campaigns.

Technical Writer 

Dawn Parzych says, a technical writer’s job, “is to transfer factual know-how between two or more parties. Technical writers traditionally provide instructions and documentation on how to use technology products. ”

According to Indeed, a technical writer is amenable to “generating innovative ideas for content while working both collaboratively and independently as part of a team.” They research products, services, technology, or concepts and help explain them to a wider audience.

Other Roles

Technology companies have many non-technical jobs, such as sales, customer service, and business operations roles.

Says Candor, think of it this way, “the requirements for most jobs are fluid—even if the job description embarks unrealistically specific. Transferable skills such as research, project management, study design, presentation skills, and writing skills are invaluable to the technology industry. ”

Indeed, note Candor, human skills like “organization, problem-solving, communication, project management, work ethic, and entrepreneurialism are universally sought, regardless of the industry.”


Here are five non-technical jobs in tech. These jobs don’t require coding skills. So you can work in higher-paying industries with no coding skills. You can move into tech without coding skills and earn a lot of money.

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